Come aumentare il tuo valore in un mercato affollato

With iBuyers gaining steam among homeowners looking for an easier way to sell their home and a record number of Realtors competing for a historically low number of listings, agents will have to work harder than ever to win their fair share of business this spring.

Rather than be fearful of the increased competition, use it as an opportunity to differentiate yourself.

Here are some tips to standout from the crowd and capture an unfair share of business during the 2022 home buying season.

Showcase your local market knowledge

Often, today’s buyers and sellers are well aware of the market’s current challenges before they begin their search for an agent. When they connect with you they likely have a good understanding of inventory levels, how fast homes are selling, home prices and other statistics. To add value, you should drill down into the specifics of the market or desired neighborhood and help them understand how they can succeed in the current market based on their individual circumstances.

Connect with clients on a personal level

Your buyers and sellers want to know that you have their best interest at heart. This means connecting with them on both a business and personal level.

With the market as competitive as it is, it’s important that your clients understand what they are up against from the start. For sellers, it means providing the transparency that they will likely sell their home quickly so any plan to sell must include a plan of where they will live next. For buyers, most homes are receiving multiple bids. Preparing your buyers for this scenario as well as offering strategies to help set them apart is key.

Your clients expect that whomever they work with is equipped to take them through the steps of the transaction. How you guide them through the process and take their individual circumstances into account will set you apart as a trusted advisor.

Don’t be afraid to add new tools to your arsenal

Although the market is changing, there is no need to disregard what’s worked in the past.

However, a competitive market requires some out of the box thinking that demonstrates to your clients you are evolving as the market does.

The growth of iBuyers has proven that when it comes to selling homes, consumers are willing to pay for convenience. Right now there are myriad of companies looking to not only make it easier to buy and sell homes, but also help consumers compete in the current market. While some of these companies are in direct competition with organized real estate others partner with agents. It’s important for you to understand the landscape so you can bring new options to your buyers and sellers.

Also consider tools that help you work smarter and reach broader audiences. One of those tools is DirectOffer.

DirectOffer’s patent-pending DO AudioToursTM allows you to record audio directly to listing photos, adding a new dimension to listing descriptions that brings a home to life while showcasing your expertise to home shoppers and leveling the playing field for home shoppers.

To try DO AudioTours out, download our app Qui. Se sei interessato al prodotto aziendale AudioTours, chiedi al tuo broker di inviare un'e-mail a

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