5 Tips for Creating Audio Tours That Elevate Real Estate Listings

Create a captivating audio tour that brings value to prospective buyers or sellers. Check out five tips below to help real estate agents create the best audio clip for a property listing.

Relationships are built on shared experiences and trust. The bond created between real estate professionals and their clients is no exception. Meeting together to walk through a space, feeling the light through the windows, smelling the backyard, experiencing the property’s energy - all of those things build connections.

Audio tours offer real estate agents a simple, affordable option to create a similar environment, especially when it’s difficult to meet onsite. Audio works because it’s not a passive experience. Listeners actually receive\ a heightened, more engaged experience simply by enlisting another one of their senses. In fact, audio is one of the best and yet under-used media for highlighting experiences.

DO AudioTours™ offers a simple recording tool to amplify a property and help real estate professionals bring a listing to life. But to get the most out of the platform, you need to first create a captivating audio tour that brings value to prospective buyers or sellers. Check out five tips below to help real estate agents create the best audio clip for a property listing.

Tip #1: Be authentically you.

  • Recording an audio clip allows real estate professionals to use the power of their voice to provide details, context and information beyond a photo.

  • Audio tours serve as an extension of you. Think of walking a client through a property. That level of description and tone is a good guide to developing your audio tour.

  • It doesn’t matter how you sound. Simply speak clearly and in a conversational way.

  • One pro tip is to smile when you record your audio clips. Smiling triggers an audible change to the human voice and that simple facial expression also causes a reaction in listeners. Research shows that people who hear a smiling voice reciprocate with a smile of their own.

Tip #2: Share the details.

  • Audio tours help agents share details that may not be obvious. Take your listeners where their eyes can’t by adding useful, interesting and descriptive details.

  • Adding an audio clip to a photo allows you to consistently and clearly address common questions and highlight helpful information like room dimensions, the year a roof was installed or how much monthly association dues cost.

  • Think of an audio tour as color commentary. Here’s an example: When you look out the window above the kitchen sink, you can see right into the open and spacious backyard. You’ll have a bird’s eye view for games and activities standing in that very spot.

Tip #3: Map out your talking points.

  • Carefully think through and write out the story you want to tell. Determine the features, benefits, even potential challenges can you explain in one photo.

  • Use truthful descriptions to convey what’s not immediately evident from a picture. Maybe it’s how the morning sun fills the kitchen, that there’s a laundry shoot in a closet or that you can see the neighborhood park when standing on the front porch.

  • When you add your script straight into the DO AudioTours™ recording tool, two things happen. The text is shared via closed captioning as part of your property showcase and through the tool’s multi-language support, your script can be translated so that listeners can both hear and read your descriptions in their preferred language. Useful ADA-friendly components are built in.

Tip #4: Keep things moving.

  • The best audio tours share details that add value, but don’t drone on so long that listeners tune out the benefits you’re sharing.

  • Time out what you’d like to say. DO AudioTours™ allows real estate agents to record a 30-second clip for each photo in their property listing. You don’t have to fill every second and 30 seconds is likely longer than you think.

  • Make sure to use simple, short sentences and easy-to-understand vocabulary. While you’ll naturally fluctuate your speed, try to maintain a slow, conversational tempo that includes regular moments for one-two second pauses.

Tip #5: Use quality recording equipment. (Hint: You already have this in the palm of your hand.)

  • You don’t need expensive equipment or to hire out a recording team to create a professional audio tour. In fact, a powerful benefit to DO AudioTours™ is how quick, easy and affordable it is to use.

    • Simply find a quiet space with minimal background noise where you’re comfortable. Then, leverage the quality microphone that’s built into your phone.

    • Another pro tip is to record an audio tour right in our car. Grab your script and park in a quiet spot. Vehicles inherently have sound-dampening materials, can deliver tight, clear vocals and separate you from outside noise. Just remember to sit up straight and smile.

If you’re ready to see how audio clips can differentiate your services and bring your properties to life, create a free account with DO AudioTours™.

DO AudioTours™ is an audio tool to amplify real estate listing photos. This allows agents to provide information beyond a photo and differentiate themselves online with closed captioning, multi-language support and ADA-friendly components. This must-have tool is easy to use and affordable. Its patented technology is something that can quickly integrate into any listing strategy.
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