AudioTours™ showcase your expertise while improving the search experience for all buyers

Buying or selling a home is as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one. So, it’s not surprising that it is not enough to demonstrate your expertise and experience to a client. You need to show why entrusting you with the sale or purchase of their home will be different.

For sellers, that often comes down to your plans for marketing a listing. Will you create a unique listing website that stands out from the rest? What are your open house plans? How do you leverage social media? In short, what makes you different from the competition that will help the home sell faster and for more money?

For buyers, it’s about demonstrating that you’re the one who can help them win their dream home – not an easy feat in today’s competitive housing market where inventory is at a record low and agents are at a record high.

At DirectOffer, empowering real estate agents to differentiate themselves from the competition while making the home search easier for everyone is at the heart of what we do. It’s also why we are so excited about our patent-pending AudioToursTM feature.

AudioTours allows you to record audio directly to listing photos, adding a new dimension to listing descriptions that brings a home’s story to life while showcasing your expertise to home shoppers and leveling the playing field for home shoppers.

The emotional connection is real 

When it comes time to sell, most people still have an attachment to their home -- they want prospective buyers to love their home as much as they do. AudioTours provides an opportunity for you to highlight what makes a house a home  – the story behind why the front door is yellow or how the dining room can easily accommodate 25 guests at Thanksgiving.

It’s a way for your sellers’ home to stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, while providing valuable information that buyers won’t get from a listing description or even a video or virtual tour.

Buying a home is the single largest purchase most people ever make. But at the end of the day, it’s just as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one. That’s because a home is more than a roof and four walls. It's where memories are made, and buyers need to feel a connection.

In addition to sharing the story of a home, AudioTours allows you to provide important property details – everything from the height of the countertops to the cost of owning the home and neighborhood insights, all while creating a personal attachment not only to the home, but to you.

AudioTours make homeownership accessible for all

Although homeownership is the American Dream, buying a home is hard. It’s even more complicated in today’s competitive housing market where acting quickly can make the difference between winning a home or not. Add the fact that you struggle with seeing listing photos or reading a listing description, shopping for a home can become a losing battle.

AudioTours is a way to make property descriptions more accessible to a wider variety of buyers, especially those with visual impairments and reading disabilities. And since an AudioTour can be recorded in any language, it’s a way to connect with local buyers in a way that gains respect and trust over others who may not speak the buyer’s language.

We are convinced that you’ll find DO AudioTours valuable as part of your marketing plan. To try DO AudioTours out, download our app here. If you are interested in the enterprise AudioTours product, have your broker email

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