Building Community While Creating a Platform for All

Katie Lappe, Founder & CEO

Those who know me, know I grew up in real estate. Both of my parents were agents. For most of my childhood, my mother was a single mom, and I watched her struggle to pay bills and put food on the table.

It was heart-breaking, at times. However, I also learned the value of hard work and putting your heart and soul into something you believe in. I also developed a love for real estate, an appreciation for the blood, sweat and tears agents put into getting ahead in this industry, and a passion to make it easier for agents – all agents – to grow their business.

My journey to DirectOffer began more than 15 years ago when I founded Home Market Magazine, one of the nation’s leading real estate listing publications. At the time, these magazines were the best way for agents to showcase their properties and themselves. As listings began to shift from print to online, so did Home Market Magazine. I also went on to launch to help agents with auction properties market their listings. Today, has grown to become the multiple listing service for residential real estate auctions nationwide, bringing transparency to a real estate category that many don’t realize exists.

I founded DirectOffer in 2019 to make a difference – to leverage technology to build a community that is accessible to every agent, while making homeownership accessible to everyone.

As home search has increasingly moved online especially during the pandemic, it’s given consumers the freedom to engage with agents much later in the process. Today, they can research neighborhoods, view listings and narrow down their search from their smartphones from the comfort of their living room couch. Often, it’s how they inquire about a listing they are interested in and are ultimately connected to an agent.

This has put agents, especially those who are new to the industry and can’t afford to pay for leads or don’t have an established referral network, at a significant disadvantage. Buyers can get lots of information online, but there are still many gaps in what they can and can’t find, and online doesn’t work for everyone. If English isn’t your first language or you struggle with reading, listing descriptions are a barrier. And despite the ability to transact online, consumers – especially millennials who are the largest contingent of today’s homebuyers – want the expertise and guidance of an experienced agent when they are ready to buy. The human touch is a necessary component of buying and selling a home.

DirectOffer is the culmination of what I learned from my professional experience of growing two successful companies. It also is a reflection of my personal experience. As the mother of an autistic child who has struggled her entire life to accomplish what others take for granted. (That child will graduate from college this spring and wants to buy a home of her own someday. Yes, I’m a proud momma.)

DirectOffer fills a gap. We are a way to communicate with today’s home shoppers the way they want to communicate – online and in person when they are ready to. We provide a cost-effective platform to build your brand, improve the search experience for your clients and capture leads on your listings at no additional cost.

Our DO AudioTours™ was inspired by my daughter and is dedicated to the tens of thousands of people who struggle with reading or may be vision-impaired. With Audio Tours home shoppers can listen to the story of the home and get important details about the house as they scroll through listing photos. Audio Tours can be recorded in any language, making it easier for those who are not fluent in English to shop for their dream home. For agents, AudioTours allows you to showcase your expertise and build your brand. It’s a way for the home shopper to learn about the home and establish a connection with you.

AudioTours is unique  – no one else offers anything like it. The reaction we’ve received from our beta users and the agents, teams, brokerage and service providers we are currently talking to tells me we are onto something – we are solving a need. However, what makes me most proud is our alignment with the industry. We are committed to being a platform for all agents, and that will never change.

To try DO AudioTours out, download our app here. If you are interested in the enterprise AudioTours product, have your broker email

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