DO AudioTours™: 3 Reasons Agents Can Benefit From This Cutting-Edge Real Estate Tool

DO AudioTours™ is the only audio tool that will amplify real estate listings. Our incredibly simple and easy-to-use tool allows agents to record 30-second audio sound bites to their MLS listing photos and includes closed-captioning and multi-language translation capabilities.

DirectOffer® is thrilled to present DO AudioTours™. If you’re an agent or broker, we hope you’re listening because here are 3 reasons we hope you adopt DO AudioTours™ into your real estate listing strategy.

The Only Tool That Will Amplify Your Listings

DO AudioTours™ provides additional information for your client, well beyond your listing photos. With a simple click-to-record button, real estate professionals can add 30-second audio bites to each MLS photo (think of this like a short-form podcast), plus, the opportunity to include closed-captioning and even multi-language translation, bringing the otherwise omitted details to life. For agents, the opportunity to differentiate themselves online with DO AudioTours™ is endless.

The focus of adding audio to listing photos is all about engaging the client, building trust with the agent’s voice and helping them emotionally connect to the property. Hearing audio over MLS listing photos can humanize the digital experience of looking at listing after listing for the consumer. This must-have tool is easy to use and affordable, plus its patented technology is something agents can quickly integrate into their existing listing strategy.

The Best Value Tool in 2023

With DO AudioTours™, it’s affordable to add audio, closed-captioning and multi-language translation to your existing MLS workflow. It’s why DO AudioTours™ is growing in popularity so quickly. The process of recording audio straight from your phone and providing an additional layer of context is beneficial in today’s market. Agents do not always have A) the time or B) the budget to produce video tours of each property. DO AudioTours™ requires less time, substantially lower investment and can be shared everywhere on any device.

Built for Inclusivity and Equal Opportunity

CEO and Founder Katie Lappe first realized she wanted to build DO AudioTours™ as a client resource. The opportunity to listen to audio clips alongside any written or visual content opens a door for many types of learners and language speakers who are navigating the US and International real estate markets. With this, Katie uncovered a venture to develop technology specifically for real estate agents to reach even more potential homebuyers. With this one tool, agents can deliver an audio description plus closed captioning, multi-language support, and ADA-friendly components for each of their listings.

Get a head start on your 2023 listing strategy by creating your free DO AudioTours™ account today. Or, book a time to meet with our team.

DO AudioTours is an audio tool to amplify real estate listing photos. This tool allows agents to use the power of their voice to provide details, context, and information beyond a photo. Agents can differentiate themselves online with closed-captioning, multi-language support, and ADA-friendly components. Learn more

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