Transforming Real Estate with Cutting-Edge AI: DO AudioTours™ Awarded ElevenLabs Grant

DO AudioTours™ has proudly announced its selection as a recipient of an ElevenLabs Grant. This collaboration brings together DO AudioTours™, an innovator in the real estate technology space, and ElevenLabs, renowned for its cutting-edge speech synthesis technology. The partnership is set to redefine the real estate landscape by introducing enhanced audio capabilities, expanding accessibility, and fostering growth and innovation within the industry.

Enhanced Audio Capabilities

Thanks to the ElevenLabs Grant, DO AudioTours™ is poised to revolutionize how potential buyers experience real estate listings. By harnessing ElevenLabs' state-of-the-art speech synthesis technology, DO AudioTours™ will transform static property details into dynamic, multi-language audio tours. This innovative approach promises a more immersive and engaging experience for prospective buyers, setting a new standard for real estate marketing.

Expanding Accessibility and Engagement

One of the key objectives of this collaboration is to enhance accessibility for visually impaired and multilingual communities. By offering dynamic audio tours, DO AudioTours™ aims to make real estate listings more inclusive, ensuring that everyone, regardless of language or visual ability, can fully participate in the property exploration process. This commitment to inclusivity aligns with the broader trend toward creating diverse and equitable real estate experiences.

Support for Growth and Innovation

The ElevenLabs Grant not only recognizes the potential of DO AudioTours™ but also provides tangible support for their growth and innovation. With 3 months of free access to ElevenLabs' resources, equivalent to over 200 hours of generated audio and 11 million characters, DO AudioTours™ gains a significant boost in building, launching, and scaling their groundbreaking product. This support is a testament to ElevenLabs' belief in the transformative power of DO AudioTours™ within the real estate tech landscape.

Enterprise-Level Integration

Building on the grant's momentum, DO AudioTours™ will focus on further developing enterprise integrations. This strategic move will enable real estate agents to seamlessly integrate audio tours into their existing platforms, expanding market reach and enhancing customer engagement. The integration of audio tours into established workflows signifies a commitment to streamlining the real estate process for both agents and clients.

Commitment to Real Estate Evolution

The recognition and support from ElevenLabs underscore DO AudioTours™ commitment to revolutionizing the real estate market through advanced AI technology. By embracing the potential of cutting-edge speech synthesis and audio capabilities, DO AudioTours™ is poised to elevate the property buying and selling experience, creating a more dynamic and inclusive real estate landscape for agents and clients alike.


The collaboration between DO AudioTours™ and ElevenLabs, marked by the ElevenLabs Grant, signals a transformative moment in the evolution of AI-powered real estate solutions. As the industry embraces innovative technologies, DO AudioTours™ stands at the forefront, dedicated to providing immersive, inclusive, and engaging experiences that will redefine how we explore and engage with real estate listings. With this strategic partnership, the future of real estate looks brighter, more accessible, and more technologically advanced than ever before.

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