DirectOffer lança plataforma digital inédita para oferecer aos agentes uma nova maneira de construir sua marca, oferecendo uma experiência personalizada aos clientes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (PRWEB) December 02, 2021

Patent-Pending Audio Tours™ and InterestGrid™ features are not available elsewhere

DirectOffer, the real estate technology startup created to empower real estate brokers and their agents to differentiate themselves from the competition, today announced the launch of its fully mobile marketing and communication solution, including the company’s patent-pending Audio Tours™ and InterestGrid™ features. DirectOffer enters the market at a time when it's more important than ever for real estate professionals to stand out not only from other professionals, but also the crowded field of competitors looking to disintermediate them.

“DirectOffer was built for real estate professionals and brokerage firms looking to give their professionals a competitive edge,” said DirectOffer CEO and Founder Katie Lappe. “We provide a completely digital platform that allows agents to share, organize and brand more information about themselves and their listings while also enabling them to manage their business more effectively and capture leads on their listings at no additional cost.”

With DirectOffer’s patent-pending Audio Tours, agents have the ability to record and embed insights in the form of a mini podcast into each listing photo, adding a new dimension to their listings that bring them to life. This proprietary DirectOffer feature helps to win listings and create an emotional connection to the home with buyers before they step into it, while also providing a branding opportunity for agents and brokers.

DirectOffer’s InterestGrid™ provides transparency around the interest in a listing, creating increased competition among buyers to ensure the highest sale price and providing a tool for agents to organize and track offers of interest so that nothing falls through the cracks and their clients accept the best offer.

“Our lead generation, communications and innovative tools were built to provide a cost-effective way for agents to deliver a custom buying and selling experience while winning more business,” said Mark Allen, Chief Strategy Officer at DirectOffer.

DirectOffer is available to agents for an affordable monthly subscription fee. The company also offers branded enterprise solutions that bring traffic to a brokerage’s public website and serve as a recruiting and retention tool.

Agents can use DirectOffer’s in-app messaging to centralize all communications with clients. Subscribers also receive a 30-minute lead time on their buyer leads at no additional cost.

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DirectOffer is on a mission to help agents and brokers differentiate themselves. By combining the features of a national search portal, with its patent-pending Audio Tours™ and InterestGrid™ features, in-app messaging and no-cost buyer lead generation in a single digital platform, DirectOffer allows agents to share, organize and brand more information about themselves and their listings. For more information visit


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